Kneadful Things Has Been Accepted by LT3 Press!

Today I was notified that my short story Kneadful Things was accepted for Less Than Three Press’s A Fool for You anthology! I’m beyond excited, and so looking forward to working with them again.

In other good news, I got my second set of edits back on From Blood to Roses, and they’re very minor and I should be able to turn them around quickly. Once I submit those changes back to LT3, it’ll get put on the schedule for galley editing, and hopefully I’ll have a tentative release date soon.

Here’s hoping you like FBTR’s Rob and Kelan, and KT’s Adam and Jin as much as my original darlings Nate and Zachary from UTK!


New WIP: Submission for LT3’s Anthology

Now that my first round of edits for From Blood to Roses are off to my publisher, I’m jumping into a short story for Less Than Three Press’s A Fool for You anthology. This will mark two firsts for me as a professional writer: 1) writing a short story instead of multi-chapter work and 2) my first attempt at a paranormal/shapeshifter/genderfluid main character.

It’s due by March 31st, which isn’t much time, but after banging out the major changes to FBTR in about as time I’m feeling confident I can hit the deadline. I’m already over 1000 words in and done with the introductory section, and also have a solid outline for the rest of the story.

Since I always start with a synopsis, I’m excited to share it with you!

When handyman Adam Sutter answers an ad on Craigslist for repair work at a local bakery, he has no idea what he’s in for. Despite the storefront’s dilapidated condition and isolated location, a steady stream of customers come through hoping to find what they’re looking for from Jin, the mysterious owner. The more time Adam spends on the job, the more he finds himself attracted to his new client – who to Adam’s surprise appears as a completely different person every day. Can an average guy like Adam find love with an otherworldly creature who deals in baked goods and… wishes?