From Blood to Roses (Formerly Fatal Kiss)

The new title of Fatal Kiss has been approved by Less Than Three Press. My second book is now officially titled From Blood to Roses!


Fatal Kiss Revisions Completed…and a New Title?

Just sent off my revisions for the first set of edits on Fatal Kiss. I wound up having to pretty much gut and re-write the entire middle of the book, but as usual my editor Emilia was 100% right in guiding me back to the drawing board.

Along with the edits, I sent a request to change the title to something I like much better. Hopefully I’ll have a new title announcement soon to share with you all!

My Second Book Has Been Accepted for Publication by Less Than Three Press!!!!

Looks like I’ll be teaming up again with Less Than Three Press, who will be publishing my novella Fatal Kiss!!!  What’s is about, you ask?

Fatal Kiss tells the story of two rival assassins, Rob Diosoro and Kelan Pratt, who start off as adversaries but eventually team up against a common foe and fall in love along the way. Rob and Kelan are both cold-blooded killers who at the beginning of the story are only concerned with one thing: being the best in the business. After turning up for the same job twice (hired by opposing forces), an attraction develops and eventually circumstances have them collaborating on a mission that takes them to a safehouse where they’re forced to look past appearances and into their hearts.

Looking forward to sharing the publication journey with you all!