New WIP Summary – “Lifted Spirits”

When Kishore Cheruvalath finds himself burned out from trying to climb the cutthroat ladder of the pharmaceutical industry, he cuts ties and tries for a new start in an unknown city. The dilapidated house he plans to renovate is a decent enough gamble, and even comes with a welcoming and attractive next door neighbor, Daniel Voigt.

But quickly unsettling events occur in Kishore’s new home; without explanation, items relocate through the house, things go bump in the night, and shadowy figures lurk in the corners. Soon Kishore is unable to shake the feeling that his house might be haunted. Can Kishore and Daniel figure things out before it overshadows their burgeoning romance, or might the ghosts of the past be able to ultimately stand in their way?

My Second Book Has Been Accepted for Publication by Less Than Three Press!!!!

Looks like I’ll be teaming up again with Less Than Three Press, who will be publishing my novella Fatal Kiss!!!  What’s is about, you ask?

Fatal Kiss tells the story of two rival assassins, Rob Diosoro and Kelan Pratt, who start off as adversaries but eventually team up against a common foe and fall in love along the way. Rob and Kelan are both cold-blooded killers who at the beginning of the story are only concerned with one thing: being the best in the business. After turning up for the same job twice (hired by opposing forces), an attraction develops and eventually circumstances have them collaborating on a mission that takes them to a safehouse where they’re forced to look past appearances and into their hearts.

Looking forward to sharing the publication journey with you all!